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Start your drawing with a very light outlineMichael Kors from china of the Michael Kors object and the surface. You do not want to make this dark, as it will be difficult to erase and only serves as a guide. Working small makes drawing more difficult. Use a large portion of your page. After you have the general outline, begin with the shading. Using the 2b pencil lightly, begin to fill in the areas of shadow. Keep all of your pencil strokes at the same angle. This usually makes for a better looking drawing.

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After you've lightly filled in the areas ofMichael Kors outletshadow, use Michael Kors outlet the 4B pencil to begin to build up the darker shades, both on the object and the surface. Build up the shadows in your drawing, do not begin with your 4B pencil and heavy pressure. Working lightly is important as you do not want to have to erase too much. This often causes smudges and mars the work when done too often.

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"Fixing" a drawing is basically applying a medium Michael Kors Handbags to the cheap Michael Kors drawing to prevent the smudging of a finished work. Art supply stores sell a number of products to do this, however, it is not necessary to spend $8 $14 dollars to do this. Hairspray works just fine. Simply make a couple of passes with the hairspray over your drawing.

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You will most likely not be wholly satisfiedReplica Michael Kors Handbags with your Michael Kors from china first drawing, do not be discouraged, no beginning artist ever is. Learning to draw is like learning any other skill. it takes practice and patience. Continue to do this practice with your monochromatic objects. Move the light source around from drawing to drawing. Thumb through your sketch book once in awhile and you will begin to see the improvement in your drawings.

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